Episode 19 – Develop A Positive Work Ethic with Paul Rayment

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Paul Rayment is a seasoned I.T. professional having worked in the I.T. industry for more than 20 years. Paul is currently a senior project manager for Wilson Legal Solutions, who provide independent advice and consultancy to law firms in partnership with I.T. solution providers in the legal sector.

In this episode Paul talks about his I.T. career journey and how motivation and hard work are essential for success. Paul also discusses the importance of being positive and professional as well as the need to learn from both your triumphs and disasters.

Time Stamped Show Notes

(00:50) – Phil introduces Paul

(01:16) – Paul started working for his father who was a plumber but it wasn’t what he wanted to do

(01:32) – Paul studied furniture production at college and he particularly enjoyed the design element

(01:42) – Paul’s interest in design led him into working with design software and for the largest UK reseller of AutoCAD (Automated Computer Aided Design)

(01:59) – Paul worked in the support team and learnt a lot about AutoCAD and other similar software products

(02:06) – Paul progressed into training, for which he had a flair, for 7 or 8 years

(02:24) – Paul’s training role led on to a move into consultancy and eventually project management

(02:32) – Paul also learnt about and implemented Document Control systems and Computer Aided Facilities Management systems

(03:05) – 5 or 6 years ago Paul felt he need a new challenge and moved into the legal industry, currently with Wilson Legal Solutions and previously with Aderant


(03:30) – Unique Career Tip: Paul says that there are no quick fixes. Hard work is the key to anything.

(03:50) – You also need motivation, which is the balancing element to hard work

(04:03) – Paul believes that workaholics are often people who just enjoy what they do

(04:28) – Work hard, enjoy what you’re doing and that will motivate you

(04:37) – Persevere and gain experience which will increase your pay and your knowledge as well as your enjoyment

(04:58) – Phil says that passion is also a factor in sustaining motivation

(05:09) – Paul says that if you are in a career or job which you don’t enjoy and a drudge to get yourself to go to work you really need to think about what does motivate you


(05:44) – Worst Career Moment: Paul talks about an incident when he sent an email and inadvertently copied in his client

(06:25) – Paul though he had sent the email to someone in his company and it wasn’t a positively worded email

(06:50) – The email went to the client’s Finance Director

(07:00) – Paul immediately telephoned the client and apologised profusely

(07:10) – The lesson for Paul was “Don’t deal in negativity” and always be professional, not just in emails but in everyday dealings with people


(07:45) – Career Highlight / Greatest Success: Paul talks about joining Aderant and entering the Legal sector

(08:12) – After a couple of months Paul was assigned to a large project and shortly afterwards assigned a second project to manage at the same time

(08:31) – It was a team effort which enabled successful delivery of both of Paul’s project and a third project simultaneously

(08:53) – Paul believes it was unprecedented at the time to deliver three large projects at the same time

(09:00) – For Paul this success was justification for his move into the legal sector within I.T.


(09:17) – What Excites You About The Future of a Career in I.T.? Paul talks about the speed and complexity of I.T., and how it can change lives

(09:31) – Paul says that he has always been a sci-fi fan and a technology fan

(09:39) – Paul talks about Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

(09:45) – Paul is excited by the evolution of interfaces between humans and technology

(09:53) – Paul also mentions Quantum Computing as well as the exponential growth of computing power

(10:06) – Paul believes that there are a multitude of avenues you can take in a career in I.T.


(10:39) – The Reveal

(10:41) – What attracted you to an I.T. career in the first place? – “Getting into computers when I was younger and I happened to be the right age at the right time”

(11:54) – What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? – “From my father I learned work ethic”

(12:55) – If you were to begin your I.T. career again, right now, what would you do? –”Robotics or A.I. I’d love to be young enough to go on that journey”

(14:35) – What career objectives are you focusing on right now? – “I’d like to move into a more executive role using my experience and skills to help drive a successful business”

(15:55) – What’s the number one non-technical skill that has helped you in your career so far? – “Empathy – being able to understand other peoples’ perspectives”


(16:52) – A Parting Piece of Career Advice: Paul quotes Rudyard Kipling saying, “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same;”

(17:14) – It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a massive success one week, you still have to start over the next week

(17:24) – You have to treat failures with positivity and learn from them

(17:30) – You have to understand what went right and why it went right in your successes


3 Key Points:     

  1. There are no quick fixes. Hard work is the key to success in anything
  2. Persevere and you will gain valuable experience
  3. Don’t deal in negativity


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