Episode 20 – You Can Reverse Engineer Your Job Hunt with Laurence Bradford

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Laurence Bradford is the creator of Learn To Code With Me, helping people to get ahead in their careers and ultimately find more fulfilment in their lives. Laurence has developed a passion for education and specialises in product education and product management in the EdTech industry.

In this episode Laurence talks about how you can reverse engineer your job hunt, why you shouldn’t try to learn multiple coding languages at the same time and why machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science have great potential. Laurence also talks about her blog and podcast, Learn To Code With Me.


Time Stamped Show Notes

(00:51) – Phil introduces Laurence

(01:16) – Laurence explains that she is a contributor to other publications such as the Forbes under 30 channel

(01:35) – Laurence has also had her writing, both tech and non-tech published on other sites


(01:46) – Unique Career Tip: Laurence talks about how to reverse engineer your job hunt

(01:58) – Laurence says that most of her audience are career changers

(02:11) – One of the most common questions Laurence is asked is, “What should I learn?”

(02:15) – Laurence describes an exercise to research companies and specific roles that interest you

(02:31) – Once you have a list of five to ten, dissect those job listings and identify daily responsibilities, skills and technology being used

(02:59) – Use the information gathered to determine the learning you should undertake

(03:09) – Laurence confirms that she followed these exact process before joining Teachable


(03:33) – Worst Career Moment: Laurence talks about early on in her career when she would jump around too much between different things she was learning

(04:17) – One week it would be Python, the next week Java Script, and the next Ruby On Rails

(04:24) – Laurence says that she did this too much and never finished them

(04:35) – It was only when Laurence started the Learn To Code With Me blog that things came together

(04:45) – Make sure that whatever you are learning aligns with your long term career goals


(05:22) – Career Highlight / Greatest Success: Laurence talks about starting the Learn To Code With Me blog

(05:40) – Learn to Code With Me is a blog and a podcast supported by a Facebook group

(05:49) – It kick started everything else in Laurence’s career

(05:54) – As a result Laurence has helped with coding boot camps and created curriculum for other courses which led to an interest in EdTech and then to joining Teachable


(06:19) – What Excites You About The Future of a Career in I.T.? Laurence talks about machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science

(06:37) – Laurence says that her writing for Forbes enables her to interview a lot of awesome people in the tech space, recently covering these areas

(06:50) – Laurence believes that there is a lot of potential here

(07:01) – Laurence encourages anyone considering a career in tech to look at these three areas

(07:09) – Phil comments in particular on the ever growing importance of data


(07:42) – The Reveal

(07:45) – What attracted you to an I.T. career in the first place? – “I looked online for in demand fields that you didn’t need a college degree to get into”

(08:15) – What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? – “Focus on one thing until completion before putting your attention to something else”

(09:03) – If you were to begin your I.T. career again, right now, what would you do? –”Something with machine learning, data science or artificial intelligence”

(09:16) – What career objectives are you focusing on right now? – “Continue to grow the Learn To Code With Me podcast and blog. A dream of mine is to become a COO in ten plus years”

(10:52) – What’s the number one non-technical skill that has helped you in your career so far? – “Writing”


(11:28) – A Parting Piece of Career Advice: Laurence reemphasises staying focused until completion

(11:49) – Don’t try to learn a thousand things at once

(12:23) – As an example, master one coding language before moving onto the next one.

(12:32) – Phil says that there is also a danger of overwhelm if you take on to many things at the same time



3 Key Points:     

  1. You can reverse engineer your job hunt
  2. Don’t try to learn multiple coding languages at the same time
  3. Machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence all have great potential


Resources Mentioned:

  • Learntocodewith.me – Laurence’s website
  • @learncodewithme – Laurence’s Twitter handle
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