Episode 57 – You Should Always Be Learning with Hadi Hariri

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Hadi Hariri leads the Developer Advocacy team at Jet Brains and spends as much time as he can writing code. He has authored a couple of books, a few courses and has been speaking at regular events for over 15 years.

In this episode Hadi tells us why we should always dedicate time to continue to learning new things and why persistence and consistency can pay off. Hadi also talks about our self-imposed limitations and his thoughts about the future of machine learning.


Time Stamped Show Notes

(00:53) – Phil introduces Hadi Hariri

(01:16) – Hadi says that he has been writing code for around twenty five years, having started with tools and languages such as Clipper and dBase

(01:46) – Hadi progressed to Delphi, .NET and now the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)


(02:06) – Unique Career Tip: Hadi says that the one thing that has helped him in his career is to always be learning

(02:30) – No matter what you’re doing, you should always dedicate a good chunk of your time to continue to learn new things

(02:39) – Don’t stagnate in whatever you’re doing, such as a specific technology

(03:06) – Open up your horizon to other possibilities and other ways to do things

(03:13) – Phil and Hadi discuss the concept of being “left behind” and the need to keep yourself up to date


(04:49) – Worst Career Moment: Hadi Hariri talks about the first time he gave a talk at a conference

(05:13) – It was nerve-wracking, awful and horrible because Hadi didn’t know his subject that well and was being challenged about the things he was saying

(05:35) – Hadi says that he even questioned himself as to why he was doing it

(05:57) – Hadi also tells us about his time working for an Internet Service Provider (ISP)

(06:12) – Hadi was in charge of the servers which provided users with access to the internet

(06:33) – At one point they lost their database and customers were calling non-stop because they couldn’t connect to the internet

(07:47) – Some of the data was recovered, but unfortunately a number of accounts were lost


(08:51) – Career Highlight / Greatest Success: Hadi talks about being an early advocate of Kotlin and giving a talk to eight people in a room that could hold eight hundred people

(09:34) – At the time it felt like nobody cared or wanted to listen to a talk about Kotlin

(09:42) – Last year Hadi gave the same kind of talk at Google IO to three or four thousand people and several more thousand people watching online

(09:57) – Hadi’s persistence in giving these talks eventually paid off and was a memorable moment for Hadi


(10:09) – What Excites You About The Future of a Career in I.T.? Hadi talks about machine learning

(10:28) – Hadi says that he is both excited and fearful of it

(10:42) – Hadi says that he is concerned about some of the algorithms and artificial intelligence currently taking place and how they influence peoples thoughts

(11:24) – Phil and Hadi discuss the relationship between machine learning and big data


(12:34) – The Reveal

(12:38) – What attracted you to an I.T. career in the first place? – “Creating something and seeing the result”

(12:49) – What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? – “Don’t impose limitations on yourself”

(13:11) – If you were to begin your I.T. career again, right now, what would you do? –”I would have learnt Haskell and would have paid more attention to some things at university”

(13:23) – What career objectives are you focusing on right now? – “To continue to develop advocacy and learn new things and to look into aspects of machine learning”

(13:45) – What’s the number one non-technical skill that has helped you in your career so far? – “Being able to communicate with people”


(14:03) – A Parting Piece of Career Advice: Hadi says that it’s really important to learn to communicate with people

(14:18) – The act of listening to people. We often hear but don’t listen

(14:29) – Being able to communicate with your colleagues, with your customers, with your users is fundamental

(14:35) – It’s also important to be humble when receiving criticism


3 Key Points:     

  1. No matter what you’re doing, you should always dedicate time to continue to learning new things
  2. Persistence and consistency can pay off
  3. You are only restricted by your own self-imposed limitations, so don’t impose them


Resources Mentioned:

  • hadihariri.com – Hadi Hariri’s website
  • LinkedIn – Hadi Hariri’s LinkedIn profile
  • @hhariri – Hadi Hariri’s Twitter hhariri


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