Episode 61 – Be In Control Of Your Career with Sandro Mancuso

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In this episode Phil Burgess has Sandro Mancuso as his guest. Sandro is an international and inspiring I.T. consultant, a speaker who is the co- founder of Co-durance and the founder of The London Craftmanship community. Sandro is the author of The Software Craftsman.

With more than 22 years’ of experience Sandro Mancuso gives sound advice to all who are looking to succeed in whatever field they work in.


  • Phil Burgess starts the interview asking Sandro to tell us about his career. Sandro, who is Brazilian, started at the age of 11 years when his father bought him a TK85 2X. He discovered he could type games and codes which helped him decide that was the path he wanted to take at university. He also wanted to come to London as he knew at that time it was the hub of I.T. software.
  • He advices us to separate our career from our job and goes on to explain how to approach this.
  • Phil asks Sandro to tell us about his worst I.T. experience, Sandro describes to us about working in the year 2007 and 2008 when all the apps were being planned he tells us how he was employed by a company who did not listen to advice and subsequently the system went down on numerous occasions.
  • He reminds us that software is everywhere and that it is a discipline on its own.


  • Sandro was working with someone he admired greatly and wanted to impress him, he was given a task which he worked on as quickly as possible to achieve a good impression, when he took it to the person he admired that person destroyed the code and deleted it.
  • The person he so admired gave him this advice “how it is done is as important as getting it done”.
  • Phil asks for a parting piece of advice. Sandro’s advice is” do not let anyone else control you career”
  • He advises “Don’t blame companies if they do not create some space for you to learn, your career is your responsibility”




  • Twitter: @sandromancuso
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