Episode 63 – You Need To Understand Values with Phil Lew

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In this episode Phil Burgess talks to Phil Lew who is C.E.O and President of XBOSoft, a leading provider of software quality engineering services.

Phil Lew has 25 years of experience in the software industry and has an interesting view on how you should conduct yourself in pursuit of finding the correct career. During those 25 years he has experienced frustration at his own progress before finding his own career path.


  • (01.23) Phil Lew begins by telling us about his passion for cycling and how he enjoyed racing. However as he has matured he now mainly goes on cycling tours. Cycling to him is a metaphor for life and Phil says it is not always the strongest that wins, but the person who applies the right amount of effort at the right time. Phil Lew says he thinks this outlook applies to our lives as well as our careers. Phil Lew also has a passion for travel and has travelled to 70 countries within the last 6 years.
  • (02.49) Phil Lew discusses the benefits of mentors and explains that he feels he could have broadened his mentoring network when he was younger. He tells us that he thinks and believes that a lot of people are the same, that if we keep our heads down and work hard we will get on in our careers. However, Phil makes it clear that it does not always work out that way. Phil tells us that he really did not get enough career advice early in his career.
  • (05.54) Phil Lew goes on to tell us what excites him about the future. He deliberates that the I.T. field is so broad that there are many ways a person can get into the industry, which excites him. He quotes Mark Anderson saying “software is eating the world” Phil Lew thinks that ”software is becoming the world”. He demonstrates this using the example of a remote control for a garage door and the software that you can use to control your garage door through your phone. Phil Lew says the field of software in I.T. companies is broadening. You can enter into this field from any number of places which is also exciting.
  • (09.06) The best career advice Phil Lew has received was to pursue communication and public speaking skills. These skills have helped him throughout his career. He advises that no matter what kind of ideas you have, no matter how great they are, if you cannot communicate them, they are not worth very much. Referring to engineers he goes on to tell us that most do not have those skills.
  • (10.34) Phil Lew has career objectives that are very clear. They are aligned to his company’s objectives, to be successful and to train others to do a lot of the work to grow the company, enabling him to focus on strategies for the company. He believes that managers and executives need to grow people in their roles to progress within the company, and take the Managers/Executives places so they, the managers, may grow themselves.

KEY TAKEAWAYS from Phil Burgess

  • (03.03) Phil Burgess agrees with Phil Lew that mentoring is important in your career and to get that earlier on in your career is vital. We need to seek out mentors that are right for us.
  • (07.16) Phil Burgess has the same opinion as Phil Lew with regard to people working in I.T. and how working within the industry is changing. It is important to be able to relate to people at the front end of the business.


  • Phil Lew reasons that knowing values and understanding value, for example knowing your own value and your skills, will help you to be responsive to what you can get out of the market place.
  • Phil Lew has a perceptive view of companies that do not implement software in their solutions.  He fears that they will get left behind if they do not incorporate software into their plans for the future. This means that there are a lot of opportunities to get into these companies and help them out.
  • Phil Lew says that software is the future of our economy. He started out with a Business Major then switched to an Engineering Major because he felt strongly that it was the future.
  • He also advises to pursue communication. Phil says that this really helped him with his career as well as his public speaking skills.



Phil Lew is the Chief Executive Officer and President of XBOSoft. He is a keen cyclist and traveller, enjoying visiting some 70 countries in the last 6 years. His career has included selling companies that he grew and nurtured. Phil has been in the industry for 25 years.


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