Episode 64 – Embrace Change and New Challenges with Gualtiero Bazzana

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Gualtiero Bazzana is past president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, more commonly known as the ISTQB(r). He is also president of ITA-STQB, the Italian chapter of ISTQB(r) and  Southern Europe regional director for Alten, which is a technology and engineering consultancy group operating world-wide.

In this episode Gualtiero tells us that we need to embrace change and be open to new challenges.  He also why it’s important to surround yourself with good people and why there is so much opportunity to develop a successful career in information technology.


  • (01.26) Gualtiero begins by explaining more about his responsibilities as Regional Director of the technology and engineering consultancy Alten. Gualtiero goes on to tell us about his passion for not-for-profit organisation ISTQB(r).
  • (02.27) Gualtiero tells us how he is a family man with three children and that he has a great passion for skiing
  • (02.51) Gualtiero says that his main priority is his role as regional director of Alten and his voluntary work for ISTQB is a secondary priority.
  • (03.46) Gualtiero says that I.T. is in an exceptional moment in time, with a lot of opportunities. He goes on to say that we should all embrace change and take risks so that you can live without regret. Gualtiero reasons that we should take the USA’s approach to a career in I.T and act more aggressively and be positive.
  • (06:23) Gualtiero says that the worst moment in his I.T. career was when he lost his biggest client, one that generated over 50% of the company’s income. Gualtiero explains that he felt a social responsibility for the staff he had hired and for the company that had just purchased his company. From the experience Gualtiero learnt two vital lessons: 1. Always surround yourself with good guys, and you’ll be able to work out a solution. 2. Always think about risk management. Don’t rely heavily on one source of income for your business.
  • (10.16) Gualtiero talks about his career highlight by stating that he is proud to have been voted for two terms president of ISTQB(r), an organisation that spans many countries and cultures. He goes on to state that it is important to recognise the short term results of people, but to also look at their potential.
  • (12:13) Gualtiero states that a career in I.T. is an ever changing learning curve. There are always new challenges as the industry evolves. He says that if you are enthusiastic about I.T. you will never be bored as there are opportunities for technical people, analytical people and those that want to be managers.



(13:58) The Reveal Round:

  • Phil: “What first attracted you to a career in I.T.?”
  • Gualtiero: “For sure, the fact I get to work with cutting-edge technologies.”
  • Phil: “What is the best career advice you have ever received?”
  • Gualtiero: “It’s not really career advice, it’s life advice. Be always fair with the people around you, with colleagues, customers and suppliers. The world is big and small at the same time, it’s important to stay connected.”
  • Phil: “If you were to begin your I.T. career again, what would you do differently?”
  • Gualtiero: “I am so happy, I would do exactly what I’ve done again. Start working for a well-positioned consultancy company, which gives you the idea to experience different things. You have to see what’s around so that you can choose what you want to do.”
  • Phil: “What career objectives are you currently focusing on?”
  • Gualtiero: “I’m 52, so in the I.T. domain I’m close to being a dinosaur. But I try to be young, so my objectives are to develop the career path of the best people working with me, and to try to keep a good balance between work and life.”
  • Phil: “What’s the number one (non-technical) skill that has helped you so far?”
  • Gualtiero: “Constancy of purpose, if you want to be the best you need to work intensively. But also the ability to be open-minded changes.”
  • Phil: “Gualtiero, can you share a parting piece of advice with the audience?”
  • Gualtiero: “I think that the I.T. industry is a land of opportunities, for everybody. We can get so close to how the world is changing. We get to see the impact our projects have on life, on telecommunications, on banking and e-commerce.




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