Phil Burgess here, creator and host of I.T. Career Energizer podcast.  Every week I interview successful Information Technology professionals, consultants and experts about their careers.

I.T. Career Energizer launched in May 2017 with the goal of serving those who want to start, develop and grow their I.T. careers.  My guests and I share experiences and advice we believe will be of value to others.  My objective is that the podcast will inspire, coach and mentor as many people as possible.  And that it helps them reach their I.T. career potential.

When you listen to the I.T. Career Energizer you’ll hear from individuals from around the world.  Each guest gives their own perspectives on career development and their views on the future of technology. My guests include programmers, business analysts, project managers and testers to name but a few.

Thank you

I’d like to thank all the guests that I have interviewed for supporting me in this venture.  They have freely given up their time and for made the launch of this podcast possible.

In addition to the Monday episodes you will soon begin to see “Quick Cast” episodes being released on Friday mornings once or twice each month. These are short advice style episodes designed to focus on a specific career skill or to provide insight into a particular area of career development.

To ensure that the podcast develops, improves and stays relevant I’m keen to hear your thoughts and views on potential guests, topics to cover, career challenges.  And, of course, what improvements can be made to the podcast. So please let me have your feedback using the contact form provided or by emailing me directly (see “Contacting Me” below).

The website will be continually improved upon, so please remember to check it out every few weeks to see how it’s evolving. The intention is to make it a useful resource for all listeners to the podcast.

I really hope you enjoy listening to the I. T. Career Energizer podcast and I look forward to hearing about the successes in your I.T. career.

Contacting Me

If you’d like to contact me directly you can do so by emailing me at phil.burgess [@] itcareerenergiser.com (note the ‘s’ in ‘energiser’).  Alternatively use the contact form on the website.

Episode 0 – Introducing the I.T. Career Energiser Podcast
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